Tips For Cleaning Household Appliances

Are your kitchen appliances in need of a good clean? People often overlook the importance of cleaning their household appliances regularly, yet it is necessary to keep them running efficiently and effectively and to prevent the build-up of dirt and bacteria.

Washing machine manufacturers recommend a maintenance wash every month to help prevent mold and grease and to kill off bacteria. When cleaning your own, you should remember to first wipe down the seal (the rubber ring around the inside of the door) with a damp cloth, then empty the washer’s filter (this is something you should be doing regularly) and then remove and wash your detergent drawer (an old toothbrush can help to reach into the corners). Finally, run a maintenance wash. Most washers now have this as a program option, but if not, setting your machine to wash on a high-temperature cycle will achieve the same results. If you’ve never completed a maintenance wash before is recommended that you do three back-to-back.

Suggestions for cleaning out fridges and freezers include first unplugging the appliance and then wiping it down before vacuuming the coils on the back of the machine. Some fridges now come with clever features to aid with the cleaning process, including anti-spill trims on glass shelves which can hold up to one pint of water in the event of a leakage, and anti-bacterial protective linings which help to prevent the development of bacteria and lessen smells in-between cleans.

If your freezer requires defrosting then unfortunately there is no quick way to do this correctly. The only safe way is to unplug your freezer and remove its food drawers. Using a hairdryer to speed up the process is dangerous as you are putting yourself at risk of electrocution, but you can place bowls of boiled water in the freezer to help hurry the process. Place towels or newspaper at the base of the freeze to absorb the melted ice. After around twenty minutes you can use a blunt object to help scrape off the ice. Once your fridge is defrosted clean it thoroughly before plugging it back in and replacing your food. Defrosting a freezer is both inconvenient and time-consuming but some freezers now have frost-free technology to help you avoid this hassle.

Perhaps the worst appliance to clean is an oven. Some ovens are self-cleaning, but this technology needs to be used correctly. Don’t forget to open windows to help the ventilation and remove the racks. If your oven isn’t self-cleaning you will have to employ a little bit of elbow grease to help you do your job well. It has been suggested that heating a bowl of water on high power for around twenty minutes can help simplify the process. Don’t forget to clean under your cooker too, and dust and dirt can build up easily. Use a stick with a duster on the end to help you reach.
Allow enough time to do each job thoroughly and then try and perform smaller cleaning jobs as regularly as possible.